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5 star(s)

I rode my bicycle 1,600 miles from
Vancouver BC to San Diego consuming
primarily UMAC-CORE supplemented
with fresh fruits, veggies and fish. I was
amazed at my strength, stamina and
recovery. At age 54, I had more energy
this trip than on bike tours in my 20s.
-- Phil Doyle www.phildoyle.net

Phil Doyle
San Diego CA

5 star(s)

When I added UMAC-CORE to my diet,
all the cravings stopped, and I kicked a
two decades Diet Pepsi heavy user habit.
I also lost weight without even trying.

Marilyn Morrin
San Diego CA

5 star(s)

I have had severe eczema for most of my life and have tried EVERYTHiNG known to man.This is the first time it has vanished without returning.I take a full dropper everyday, have been for 8 months and my skin is completely clear. Even the big brown patches where the eczema would come and go are now gone. My family thinks I have had a face lift. It's all because of Umac-Core. Thanks Umac!

Laguna Beach, CA

5 star(s)

I highly recommend this product. Within days of taking it, I felt more energy, more centered, decrease of cravings and stronger nails (which tended to be brittle and splitting). It is a wonderful product that I never want to be without!

Pittsburgh, PA

5 star(s)

Have taken UMAC since it first came out. Ran out about two months ago-busy, and didn't get chance to replace. Got "walking pneumonia". Sick as a dog, and the darn thing wouldn't go away. Finally, went and got my UMAC-took two right away at the mall. Within six hours my lungs were clearing up, and the coughing has stopped. Amazing stuff-no luck with getting better for two months, and in just an afternoon the UMAC has beaten the "bug." My doctor is amazed-had been checking in on regular basis with this stupid illness. Actually within an hour of taking it, the coughing had stopped-completely. And lungs clear and able to take a deep breath-first in two months, was after six hours. Great stuff. Will not run out again!

Langley BC

5 star(s)

Anyone knows that it is hard to get a 14 year old boy to eat right. My son had something staining his right arm and no matter what we did to it,it would always come back.
Well, I started him on the Marine Phytoplankton 1 dropper full per day and about 2 weeks later I just happened to ask him to show me his arm--well the stain was gone. That was 6 months ago. He continues to take this product at one dropper full per day, and i will continue to buy it for him as not only did it work for him for this problem, but it is so jammed packed with nutrition that i don't have to be the worrying mom as far as his nutrition goes.


5 star(s)

A few months ago I started on a (mostly) raw paleolithic type diet, and while the benefits were profound, they were greatly intensified by the addition of UMAC Core.

Before these changes I could hardly walk up a flight of stairs without becoming winded; now I have so much energy I have to almost force myself not to jump up and down while walking down the street or waiting for the bus. I feel light in my body. Growing up my posture was always poor and slouchy, but now it's pretty much perfect without any effort---in fact it feels uncomfortable NOT to sit or stand up straight.

Thanks for such a fantastic product!

Halifax, NS

5 star(s)

Suffered with blood disorder for a long time. Low energy at times but product works immediately.Also anxiety is a problem. This is great as I juice my way to happiness/health. I am grateful.
Initially diets altering daily.

Cassandra Samuel
Dallas Texas

5 star(s)

In our household we absolutely love UMAC -Core's Marine Phytoplankton. My son experiences Asthma in the colder seasonal months, especially if outdoor exercise is required for school sports. In the summer months, environmental allergies seems to be present. For him this plankton is his life saver. He does not have to take his prescribed Singular or Inhaler for prevention, the plankton does the trick and nourishes his body to the level he needs. Our home is rarely ever without it. In our home we use it as our vitamin supplement.
Our young girls have made been able to avoid the illness that are predominant at school. As a mom, I feel my family is getting an all natural, God given, all around, nutritional source for good health. For me, I sleep like a baby, the most nourishing restful nights a mother can get. Benefits beyond anything you will read about.

Thanks a MIllion!

Teresa Chapman
NE Ohio

5 star(s)

To all animal owners, Our family has used Umac Core for years as a supplement for our general health.
When I had my son 6 years ago I knew I wanted to find a safe,natural,immune supporting health supplement to give him
from 2yrs old,Umac Core liquid fit the bill.
Other than breastfeeding he has always had Umac's Phytoplankton ,which he now self administers,he has never had any pharmaceutical medications and has always been strong & healthy, due to choosing a healthy lifestyle, diet & a top health supplement like Umac Cores Phytoplankton.
I myself have always taken Umac Cores Capsules 3 per day.
This brings me to my beloved cat Muffin.
with Renal failure emanant,high blood pressure, diabetes @ literally on deaths door,told by the vet there wasn't much they could do,unable to walk properly through nerve damage, unable to urinate,deficate, eat or drink water. I desperately scoured the internet for something natural to help her, she was a mess & didn't have long. Unable to find a general, all round answer,suddenly a light came on, I had the answer in my cupboard, right in the palm of my hand, Phytoplankton.
I take it, my son & husband take it,why not Muffin! I started her with a 1/2 dropper of phytoplankton liquid mixed with 1 dropper water orally daily, after 1st week I increased phytoplankton to a full dropper mixed with water,3rd week dropping back to 1/2 dropper.I still give her her daily dose of Phytoplankton.
This treatment combined with dropper feeding & water feeding everday up until now 4 weeks later,she's eating,drinking,her bowels & urination normal, her blood pressure & diabetes stabilised,her nerve damage from the kidney failure improved remarkably, for a near dead 13 year old cat, she's back!!
Great product,I will always take it & I will always recommend Umac Core.
Thanks to everyone involved in the manufacture,distribution & sharing of such a wonderful product/treasure.
Kindest regards Michelle Banting

Michelle Banting

5 star(s)



5 star(s)

I love this product! If you haven't tried umac-core marine phytoplankton, you should. I'm more energetic and active and I feel great.


5 star(s)

My story is long and involved, but to sum it up in one sentence: “I have had an aggressive form of breast cancer for 11 years. My oncologists can’t figure out why I’m not terminally ill and why it has not spread anywhere.“ Thank you UMAC.


5 star(s)

In November of 2009, I went to the emergency room. They told me I was slightly dehydrated, that my temp was very high for an adult, that I had severe bronchitis and that the x-ray showed I had a cluster in one lung. They gave me a bag of fluids with some antibiotics in it. Gave me a script to get more antibiotics, along with a fever reducer/pain reliever. They sent me home and to follow up with my physician in regards to the cluster in my lung. When the doctor came into the exam room, he told me that it was not a cluster, but it was a tumor the size of a coffee mug. At this point my wife put me on four bottles of UMAC capsules a month. They wanted me to go for a CT needle biopsy, but first I had to go through a slew of blood work. Then they wanted me to go for a regular CAT scan. This was 6 – 8 weeks into taking the UMAC. I went up to the VA in Erie Penn. on a Tuesday, I then called the doctor’s office the next day and the nurse said it was GONE! I just thank God again that He allowed this wonderful product to work in my life. I continue to take it twice a day at this time. Sometime in the future I will cut back to the maintenance dose of one bottle a month and stay with that.
Name: Edward J Horn Sr.
Age: 62


5 star(s)

This stuff is amazing.I was always so tired before and suffer from high cholesterol, heart diease, sugar diabetes, osteoarthritis and so on . I started 10 days ago and already I feel so much better, my skin is smoother, my hair is much nicer, my joints aren't aching and keeping me awake at night, and I'm not dropping off to sleep 2 or 3 x a day anymore, I have more energy as wel and can now do most things for myself instead of having to rely on hubby for a lot. Thanks so much for this wonderful product, I will continue to use it faithfully :-)

Prince Albert Sk

3 star(s)

As I have only been on the product for only 3 days (Aug. 16 - 18, 2010), I too have been dreaming up a storm and have awaken at least twice in the middle of the night from a dream! I also have suffered with an unknown rash on my face around the jawline that is suddenly not itching and is clearing up! As for my energy level, I can't tell just yet, but so far so good! I'll keep you updated as more time has passed. Thanks for a wonderful product!

Cynthia Coleman
Chicago, Illinois

2 star(s)


Vancouver Island

5 star(s)

After starting the phytoplankton, I felt mentally sharper the next day; like someone had flipped a switch. There's definitely something in it (trace minerals?) that my body needed.

Within a couple weeks, moles on my skin started itching and falling off. 3 have fallen off as of last count with a 4th in progress.

I take 2 phytoplankton pills per day in concert with iodine and vitamin D. Bought bottles for my dad and a friend.

Interesting stuff!

Algonquin, IL

5 star(s)

UMAC Has turned my health around! thank you so much

Doug orton
Vernon bc canada

5 star(s)

My wife heard about your product on our Local radio station and decided to give it a try. I was somewhat skeptical at first. After taking it for 2 months our entire family has noticed an improvement in energy and general health. My wife even gives it to our 3 cats and 1 fish. I now tell my wife she should get a job with “UMAC-core” to sell the product because she tells everyone how it has helped our family.

Windsor, Ontario

3 star(s)

I started taking umac a week ago I feel a bit of a change but not significant yet. I sure hope to see what it does for me. I work night fulltime and with that I've been feeling very sick and tired no energy to even lift a finger to enjoy my family nor life to the fullest. Both my fiance and I were taking turns going into the emergency room because we were feeing pain within our hearts or just dizzy....etc for no apparent reason, doctors said we were just tired and needed to rest, but how much can one person sleep until they are rested, I'd say in one month both of us were in there at least 20 times put together, sick right. Anyway thanks to my mom and her friend for introducing the umac to me, Ill never beable to thank them enough if this stuff works, so far ive been feeling good for the last 4 days or so, and thats a record for me. I've only rated a 3 star because I want to come back and repost after being on it for a month I am keeping a diary of how I feel and will post it after ive been on for a month.


4 star(s)

I started Umac about 2 years ago when I was 149 lbs, feeling sluggish and not sleeping well. I was taking a half dropper full per day then increased it. After 2 weeks of using the product I noticed a huge increase in energy and general feeling of well being. I'm now 136 lbs and feel as I have a new lease on life.

vancouver island

5 star(s)

l was taking tylanol 3's x 9 per day for 7 years for my legs,arthritis pain.l've been on umac for 4 yrs and have not take a pain killer since ,ty umac-core


5 star(s)

I noticed the pain in my hands from osteoarthritis lessen after 3 days. I usually have a harder time in the winter months with it and using my hands a lot causes pain. Now, (less than a month on the phytoplankton)when I shovelled the snow in my driveway (2 hours of shovelling) and I didn't feel the cramping and ache I would normally feel. I would say I have an 80% decrease in pain. I love this stuff!


5 star(s)

What an amazing product. I overheard a conversation in a health food store in Colwood and thought I'd give it a try for general well-being. Unexpected weight loss, more energy, skin issues clearing including shrinkage of moles, and so much more. I have been without it a couple of times since I started it about two years ago, and I experience weight gain, etc... would give up all other life-long suppliments for this one, if I had to choose. Many thanks for bringing this to the marketplace!

Scotland/Vancouver Island

5 star(s)

I started taking UMAC Marine Phytoplankton in September (seven months ago) after a recommendation from a friend. I have been dealing with thyroid issues and adrenal problems for many years. After taking three pills per day, I noticed several things: I have had to lower my synthroid dose three times. I went from 88 mcg grams to 75 mcg and I am now only having to take 50 mcg. May need to lower it again. My hair has begun to grow in thicker with less hair loss, and I am sleeping better (actually I sleep through the night, whereas before I would wake up several times in the night and not be able to fall back to sleep). I think this is a great product and I have been on many other supplements without these results.

Keri Cook
Central Ohio

5 star(s)

Read about your product and using it for my 14 year old dog..he has hip/knee problens..will check in soon with update.Thanks UMAC for your consideration!

Doug Thompson

5 star(s)

This product is wonderful. It helps regulate a lot of important indicators like blood pressure cholesterol and glucose.

juan vazquez

5 star(s)

I have been taking your product for years. It keeps my mind clear to maintain my challenging work statement; while balancing my mood to deal with the stress. I am so much healthier in mind and body since taking this and am very grateful that this product is still available. Thank you for making me strong enough to deal with it all!!

Loyal Customer

4 star(s)

I have just begun to take the capsules. Is it possible to take 2 per day instead?


5 star(s)

My dog Chip was on the product for 2 months for hip/knee problems and general fatigue.Since then,many friends are so surprised by the improvement.It is like he is many years younger..more energy..sparkle in hse his eyes.Thanks UMAC!!!

Doug Thompson

5 star(s)

This is my third entry,but I just have to say thank you since my dog is doing so much better..he had hip/knee problems and mother nature was catching up 14 years ..no more; as he is doing much better.Thanks UMAC!!!

Doug Thompson

5 star(s)

I have been using Umac Core off and on for over 5 years now. I have more energy and most recently have noticed moles on my arms drying up and falling off, amazing. This is one product that I will be taking for the rest of my life.


5 star(s)

Interesting ! I'm really liking it! Very, very good!


5 star(s)

I am a 73 year old women with the same thing that Tom Harper had and would like to know how much to take. Should I take pills or liquids.
thank you for your help

Beverley McGowan
Edmonton Alberta

5 star(s)

I'm taking Marine phytoplankton for 7 weeks now and can't praise this product enough, the benenfits are countless, but to name a few:
-amazing mental and physical energy
-better sleep (I had problems sleeping for 10 years, now I sleep like a baby!)
-menapouse symptoms have vanished!
-thicker stronger hair and nails
-smoother skin
-a fantastic sense of well-being.

umac-core marine phytoplankton did all theese and more for me and I'll always take it, my son is taking it and I intend giving it to the rest of my family.

a hooked costumer
great britain

5 star(s)

The whole world should know about your product. It is a cure for diabetes, cancer and various other ailments. Bring your body back to new. Get rid of toxins the best way. I have had great success with this from diabetes to lukemia to hep c. I had all this and was feeling run down and tired all the time. Now I feel my whole body is changing and I am recovering minus any medication. I will keep you posted. The first step is the hardest. To abstain from western medicine or priscription drugs because the doctor told you so. The rest is smooth sailing. I beleive this product is a god's send.


5 star(s)

I have been looking for one product that would meet all my health needs and i found in right here in Victoria. I am fortunate that i do not take any prescription medication at the age of 64 and want to keep it that way. Have more engery, no more bloated stomach, have lost some of my spare tire around my middle, nails are growing twice as fast, skin is improving and this is just after 1 week.

Thank you for sharing this amazing product, even if you have good health should be taking it to maintain your health.

Victoria, B.C.

5 star(s)

Best energy product I have ever taken. I have taken for 2 months now and continue to drop 1 to 1.5 pounds a week.

Jim Hoeft
Omaha Ne

5 star(s)

My 79 year old mother saw an ad in the paper about your wonderful product and started taking the liquid. She noticed after a week that her arthritis (all over her body) wasn't painful anymore and that she was sleeping better. Well that got me going to the store to get some as I at 52 years old (which is way too young) have painful arthritis in the feet, knees and back and great difficulty in sleeping. I can say as well after a week I am sleeping way better and the painful arthritis in my feet, knees and back has greatly reduced in severity. You have given me hope for the future! I will continue to take this product for life.

Vancouver Island

5 star(s)

Yes I remember Tom Harper, I talk to him a few times also his son a few time. Well that was around 2000. Well I wanted to say, I saw his picture in an advertorial. When read the write up, I got your capsules at the health store in Chillawack bc ca. But I wanted to say Tom Harper look younger now than he did then.I talk to him once in Woodgrove mall when he had his product in the mall. Well somehow I never got your product. I have had some real bad injury since 2000.But your product has really made a diffrence to me. I will drop in and fill you in when I get back to Nanaimo.You Look great. K. Switzer

Ken Switzer
240 nicol street, Nanaimo bc

5 star(s)

I started taking Umac in april of 2009, i was 49 years old then. I am self employed and i build fences, all tree work, sprinkler systems, just about everything outside since 1994. I found that i was going to have to quit climbing trees. I could not move around in them like i use to and it was getting difficult. That was 2 1/2 years ago. I felt changes soon after i started taking it. There is not a tree too big for me to climb now. I lost about 20 lbs. and have kept it off. I use to have to go get my back aligned at least 5 to 6 times a year. Since i have started taking it i have not had any back problems whatsoever, i sleep great, my muscles have not gotten sore hard work that i am not use to, my hair quit falling out and has returned some, i rarely get sick, my thinking is greatly improved, i feel 35 again and am 52 now. This product has made me feel better than i have ever felt in my life. My eye sight is improving to not needing reading glass anymore . I have not been to the doctor since i have been taking it. I will never do without it ever . Let me make one thing clear. This product does not cure any dieseases or ailments. What it does is give your body what it has been missing your whole life in nutrients to balance your body completely and give your body what it needs. Your body is capable of repairing almost anything that goes wrong with it if it is giving what it needes to do so. it has 100% of the nutrients your cells need to repair themselves. I gave this to my 90 year old father and he noticed the difference within days. He has throwed his cane away and does not need help going up or down stairs, he has a lot more energy, sleeps better, has caught flu twice and did not have to go to the doctor and was over it within 5 days taking no medicine. This product puts your immune system back to full strength whatever your age. Marine Phytoplankton is the only thing i am aware of that can do this for you. I no longer take any suppliments like i use to. umac is the only thing i take now and it is a complete package. If you have loved ones whatever age that have health problems get them on this product asap. Some things take longer for your body to correct after you start using this, some things you notice fast, I am totally sold on this for life and try and get everyone close to me to take it. There is nothing better in the world than Umac Marine Phytoplankton period.

Kenny N. Jones
Canute, Oklahoma

5 star(s)

Hi Everyone,
Wonderful testimonials but most people do not tell us how many capsules they take. It is handy to others to share the dose that gives the benefit. Like the person who took 4 bottles a month to remove the lump in his/her lung. That is valuable information!
I have only been taking 1 capsule in the morning, just so that I feel more awake. Maybe now I will take more to actually treat some problems. But how much??? Please share your doses :)


5 star(s)

Terrific Product, from the first time I tried it, I noticed that I forget to worry about my problems, and I have more free space, for more useful mental projects. I also seem to organize and catagorize everything I do. And a side benefit is that I have more energy!


5 star(s)

This food is really a superfood. I have tried so many different kinds of foods and products to promote my health and energy. And I finally found what I was looking for!

This UMAC is by far the most effective food or supplement I've ever tried.

I was very skeptical when I took the first half dropper. However, the effects spoke for themselves: My metabolism was boosted within minutes, I could feel this warm boost first in my brain and then in my chest. I 've noticed that this stuff does a tremendous job in helping my body getting rid of toxins, especially mercury, which has been a problem for long.

Alone these effects are amazing and invaluable. But many more things happen. My sleep is now deeper and afterwards I am fit and "back again" immediately. During the day there is no freezing or "feeling cold" anymore. My body is much more alive than before.

Thanks for this wonderful phytplancton product!

You are doing a great, great job - thanks!


5 star(s)

My 6 year old son has suffered from eczema for most of his life, and we have tried just about everything imaginable to clear it - including allergy testing and elimination of all dairy products. In less than a week of taking UMAC Phytoplankton his skin is almost completely healed, with no new blisters. What a miracle this is for us!

Mission BC

5 star(s)


5 star(s)

I have been taking this product for about 27 days now and I feel great, lots energy. I am walking 5 miles a day plus going to the gym, haven't done that in years. Reason is I got cancer, going for chemotheraapy next week. I've got stage 3 cancer, should I continue using it?

james michell
prince albert sask.

5 star(s)

umac is saving my life. opprox.11years ago had skin cancer 2 tumours on my arms was seeing cancer specialist . after taking umac tumours were gone and any signs of skin cancer on my hands & other places gone. umac is my diet 3 aday.thanks is not enough tom harper??????

al clough

5 star(s)

I`m an 82yo man with painful knees who can now walk free of pain for the first time in 7 yrs after taking your pills for 1 week. Amazing !! Thankyou

victoria, bc

5 star(s)

Have had a cough for 4 weeks now - tried 'this potion' last night the first time and was able to sleep without coughing fits. My throat hurts less already ... Will continue with it and will certainly post the experience.

Reh C
Whitby, Canada

5 star(s)

great product.I had problem with lower back pain, I thought would stop me from working cuz its so bad.Tried everything with no success,when I saw the Umac ads on the newspaper and checked it online ,all the testimonials I decided to give it a try. On the first day that I tried it the next morning my back felt fine no pain..wow that was the best day of my life. No more back pain for a year now, I started taking it OCT 2011 been taking it since...my wife 's taking it too and also my mother-in-law who 's 82 ,has arthritis has started taking it too and she is so glad. She has more energy now and her arthritis pain has somewhat subsided ..that's all I can say..thank you thank you so much Umac..To others who have some health problems give this product a try -it works for me and my family ...

roger sioson
surrey bc

5 star(s)

This product is absolutetly amazing! I have tried countless natural super foods in the past that claim to work, but didn`t do much for me except empty my wallet. I am anemic and I was feeling tired all the time, especialy before my period would start. I started taking umac core a week ago and I already noticed my energy levels have gone up significantly. I haven`t felt this good in years due to iron deficency. My doctor will test my blood count next month. If it has gone up, I will owe my health to Umac core. I will keep you guys posted next month. For now, I will enjoy the positive effects of the product as I think I have found the one supplement I have been serching for years. THank you so much UMAC core!
Mel :)


5 star(s)

My family has used this product for a year. It has helped with knee pain, boils, arthritis. Noticed a real change with mood swings. Thank you for your product

Andrea G
Surrrey BC

5 star(s)

We saw your product in a health food store and one of the clerks told us all about it. We decided to try it. My husband had a sore (with scab) on his forehead and his ear. Our doctor sent us to a surgeon who said it was Basal-cell and arranged an appointment for surgery at the hospital. In the meantime my husband took the capsules and I applied the liquid to his forehead and ear several times a day. The sore in his ear is completely gone and the one on his forehead is barely visible. We went back to our doctor and he told us to cancel the surgery - which we were only to happy to do. Also, I have been taking this product along with my husband and my eyesight has improved to the point I have to take off my glasses to read - and I feel my eyesight will continue to improve. Oh yes, energy level has gone up too. I'm telling everyone I know about this product.

Dianne Dawson
West Kelowna,Canada

5 star(s)

I tried this when it was given to me at Sundance a few years back. I haven't stopped thinking about it and I'm ready to get back on board. It made me feel incredible in a holistic way. It made me feel whole and healthy. Amazing stuff.

New York, NY

5 star(s)

Hi, I bought your product today and will start taking it tomorrow (Feb 16,2013). I will check back in after being on it for a few days. I have big expectations after reading a lot of the testimonials. I have Fibromyalgia and in a great deal of pain and often so tired that I will sleep 20+ hrs, no food or water just out and nothing wakes me. I pray that this product is a wonder pill for me. Any improvement over what I have now would be awesome.

A hopeful new users

Karen Juneau

5 star(s)

I started taking UMAC after reading an article about a man who claimed this product cured his cancer. I had been diagnosed with Hep C and interferon treatment for me was not successful. I thought, why not give this a try? (not really beleiving it would work, but hopeful) I took the capsules for between 6-8 months and felt great. I stopped for about a year - just fell out of the routine. I recently had a test done to check the Hep C viral load (last test was 2 years prior) and no virus was found! A re-test confirmed the results. Can I say for sure this product was the cure, no, but it seems more than a coincidence. I am back on my routine for the general health benefits because I do believe this product works.


4 star(s)

It is really great to hear all these testimonials , I'm curious as to how this product will work for me , I have just started this product I have always been healthy and fit- big into outdoors lifestyle. In 2010 I was trampled badly by a horse and since have had a number of surgeries for injuries mostly to arm and hand, am looking forward to see how this can help my sleepless nights due to pain, joint and muscle or tendon pain and also see how it can help my overall weekend immune system.

Ben yager
Vic bc

5 star(s)

I have started this product two days ago. I contacted mono last summer and have not been myself since. I'm willing to try anything to deal with constant fatigue, joint pain, foggy memory etc. Sometimes I feel like my body is dying and I'm only 31. I started taking half a dropper twice per day. Should I be taking more? After reading all your wonderful testimonials I believe this product can help me too.


5 star(s)

I've read everything there is to read about Marine Phytoplankton. I don't care that it's NOT GREEN, it works! I've been giving it to my autistic daughter, and it has helped! She no longer throws fits, or beats herself up like she used to. She also seems to have a better attention span, and focus. You may not be able "to see" what's in it, but something's working!


5 star(s)

I was introduced to Umac-Core when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in Sept of 2010. I have been on it since then and believe my cancer survivor status is due to this wonderful product. My parents are on this product and they both are in their mid eighties and still living on their own and active. I recommend that people be proactive and start on it rather than reactive and start when they get ill.

Jackie Lachine
Chatham, Ontario

4 star(s)

I just started taking this yesterday after reading about it in the Province paper. When I wake up in the morning I have a bad cough and always spit up phlegm ( I am a smoker ) This morning no cough no phlegm. I will reserve this to a 4 until I see if it lasts, but I can't believe how much better I feel after only being on these pills for 2 days, I also slept better!

Coquitlam BC

5 star(s)

Been taking this product for months because of stage 4 cancer and then developed myloid leukemia, had my latest doctor visit was last week and my doctor said I would not be alive today had I not taken your phytoplankton product.

John O'Neill

5 star(s)

In June, my 85-year-old Mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer (never smoked). End of July the Doctor said that we were looking at 6 - 8 weeks at the outside. They put in a stint to drain about 800ml every 4 days off her lungs and things did not look good.
I went online to see if there was any natural treatment that would perhaps build up her immune system and give her an extra week or so. If not, at least to give her more energy and feel better in her last few weeks left to her. Having read of the benefits of phytoplankton, I went to Charlie Browns Health store in Nanaimo, B.C. and was recommended the UMAC Core.
Mom wasn't keen on taking it directly so I started 'sneaking' it into her daily juice. She soon started to have more energy and feel better. When I had to return to Ontario for a few weeks I gave her the literature on UMAC Core and told her what I had been doing to make her feel better. Now it was up to her to keep up the dosage....which she has kept up faithfully.
We didn't expect her to be with us past mid-September but she is not only with us but the fluid in her lungs disappeared and her nurses said she is now a-symptomatic. They were surprised and very interested in knowing exactly what Mom had been doing which would result in the improvements and have added the UMAC Core to her written schedule of perscriptions.
Back in June/July Mom needed someone to stay with her constantly in addition to the home-care due to her weakened condition...It is now December 11th and she has improved so much that for the last 2 weeks Mom has been staying at home on her own. She still has home-care come to help but is now making her own tea and oatmeal, etc.
We have all been so impressed with this product and feel that this is the primary reason for Mom's improvement. Many thanks!

Brampton, Ontario

5 star(s)

I developed Stage 3 breast cancer in Sept of 2010. Surgery to remove lymph nodes took place in Nov and I started UMAC-CORE in Feb of 2011. I went through chemo and radiation through the first 6 months of 2011 and did well. I was not sick from any of my treatments and my skin has not been affected by the radiation. I did get the radiation burns but they cleared up very nicely with no lasting scars. I am sure that prayer and God's intervention of UMAC-CORE has helped to keep me in good health. I have had no reoccurrences of my cancer.
I suggest that people take this proactively rather than reactively like I did.

Chatham, Ontario

4 star(s)

Have only awarded 4 stars as have only been using the product a few days.I was both excited and a little sceptical as I've bought other products in the past and not found any benefits. I'm keeping a journal so I can see exactly what benefits I experience. So far an itchy mole on my face has almost disappeared, A lesion (sun related)which has been there for about 15 years has cleared up just leaving a little patch of white skin, a persistent scab in my nostril has healed, and my thumb joints are no longer painful. And all this in less than a week!! Will do another review in a couple of months.

Brighton UK

5 star(s)

This is my second review as I've now been using the product for a month. I am 67 and always considered my health to be good, but I did have a few minor issues. I find it hard to believe the immediate results I benefited from taking the caps 3 times a day. From day 1 my restless leg syndrome completely disappeared. I now sleep much better and have stopped feeling anxious in the night when I wake up. Also my very dry and flaky lips have healed completely. I do still use a lip salve as I spend a lot of time out in the elements, Walking my dog. I have also noticed my scalp is no longer dry and itchy. I can't recommend this product strongly enough. Already 2 of my friends have ordered some and still spreading the good word!

Brighton UK

5 star(s)

I am 64 years old and had a liver transplant 20 years ago.15 years ago I took interferon and ribavarin cure for hepc.It worked. I had a stressful job which affected my sleep, weight gain and stress and I was given the appropriate medications for these symptoms...I discovered Umac Core about 10 years ago and have been taking it mostly ever since...and now? I am retired,on zero medications,sleep like a baby, 45 lbs. lighter,have travelled the world and had no flus or other usual illnesses since then. I attribute much of my good fortune and good health from regular intake of your wonderful product...Now I'm going to try it on my 85 year old mother who is failing rapidly due to dementia and I will report back in a few weeks...Thank you Umac!

Victoria BC

4 star(s)

I am 25 years old, a relatively young healthy individual other than issues with my lungs. I suffer from asthma and smoke cigarettes so you could imagine the problems I encounter as a consequence. I will get sick with a lung infection or pneumonia at least twice a year, I am scared to keep taking antibiotics so my mother told me to try UMAC CORE. I dont know if it has a placebo affect but after I took one dropper full I started to feel lighter in the chest and lungs. I will keep on trying this product and see how well it goes. I am thankful for knowing about it. Ill keep posting to let others know how well it works :)


4 star(s)

I started the capsules about a week ago hoping to help regulate my menstral flow and fertility, but to my surprise it has helped my allergies imensley. I am still hoping i will get pregnant with the help of this, but i am still going to take it.

Mandie B

Thank you for “UMAC-CORE”. Recently my health began to rapidly deteriorate due to stress and I was ordered by my doctor to take time away from work. I started taking “UMAC-CORE” as part of my daily routine. Since taking “UMAC-CORE” I have a lot more energy and between Christmas 2005 and March 13, 2006 I had lost an incredible 47 pounds. With renewed energy and a zest for life my future is now much brighter.

Thanks for contributing to making a difference in my life.

Best regards

I heard about your product by reading an article in the Prince George Free Press. I then looked at your websites and went out that day to buy the capsule form of UMAC-CORE. I am spreading the word to all my friends and relatives. This is a marvelous break through for promoting good health. I wish you every success in promoting it.

Many thanks
Sylvia Ableson

I love your Product! Thank you, thank you. I have been taking it for a few days, and feel different already. I have so much more energy, clarity in my head, it is just great! I’m working in a busy Cafeteria-Catering, and I need all the energy I can get! My Lady Boss suffers from sleep deprivation, and I told her about your product. She is so excited and will try it. Now I try to get all my friends and family in Germany to try it also.

Thanks again,

As a professional woman with a very busy schedule that encompasses extremely long hours, I have always tried to be health conscious. Despite taking care, I began experiencing extreme bouts of fatigue. On the recommendation of a friend, who found that CORE helped her during a surgical recovery, I began taking UMAC-CORE. Much to my delight, I found that by the second day I was noticing significant differences in many areas. I now have excellent energy-and often walk several miles in the evening. My husband has noticed an improvement in my memory, organization, and focus. He has been so impressed he went out and bought a bottle for himself. We were delighted to see the newspaper articles on CORE—it is a product that we will continue to take daily. Simply outstanding results. We now have both our grown sons taking the product as well.

Thank you for a great product.

To whom it may concern. A few years ago I had a brown mark on the left side of my forehead so I asked my doctor to check it out. He said it is probably caused by the sun, but to keep an eye on it and use sunscreen. The mark stayed reasonably small until the past year when it started growing and becoming itchy and scabby and occasionally would bleed. When UMAC came on the market I immediately purchased a bottle of the liquid. Each day I would take some internally, and put a tiny drop on the sore also. Within a month, the mark was totally gone.

My job is very demanding and very hard work. I would need to go to bed by 8pm to get up at 5am. Now I have lots more energy and feel great with only 6 hours sleep a night. My complexion is also much better.

Vancouver Island

Congratulations on a great product! As soon as I read the article in the paper I knew you had something good. After just 5 days of taking the UMAC-CORE liquid my wife and I both have experienced significant benefits. To name a few:

1) Better sleep
2) More refreshing sleep
3) Much more energy at the end of the day
4) More Alert
5) More flexible

I now recommend this product to everyone, as I understand the benefits of feeding the body on a cellular level.


Here is a quick testimonial for this fabulous new product my friends and I are on. Yes, it’s very new & we’ve all just begun but already having results. One friend is thrilled to sleep better. Another friend had the product checked out at one of the leading vitamin outlets in Victoria. They were impressed and supported her on using UMAC-CORE. My skin has become a lot nicer, even had compliments on how much younger I look (that’s great when you have turned the 60 mark!)

Judith Hunter
Hospital Employee
Age: 60

I have had an amazing experience with the Marine Algae. You see, I do not believe in magic potions, nor do I believe there are any true quick fixes. But I had a friend that told me Marine Algae was a good product and that I should try it, if only for the fact that it is loaded with rich nutrients that could help improve my life. I began taking UMAC. My friend suggested that I could put it (the Liquid) on any skin problem. I had a growth on my face, very close to my eye. It has been there for about 5 years. It appeared to be a very light mole that was growing. The size of the growth was about 2 millimeters in height, and about 4 millimeters in diameter. I began applying the Marine Algae directly to the growth. In a period of 1 ½ months the growth has completely shrunk. It is no longer raised at all and the appearance of the skin is that it looks just like a tiny scar. Now, I would never believe that a product could take away such a growth. It did and I am so grateful. I did not want to go for surgery and have it removed; it was close to my eye.

I have also experienced increased energy, and my overall skin tone has improved, especially on my face has really improved. Thank you for a wonderful discovery.

Shelley Craig
Owner, California Connection

I must be one of your oldest to try Algae! Since I have had two relatives live over 100, I thought it was worth a try. Like the Whale, I’m willing to try it (even if I have to swim and spout).

I had open-heart surgery 3 months ago. As a very active person, I have little patience with the slow healing. After just over 1 week of taking the Algae Concentrate, I noticed my sleep pattern had changed. From 3 to 4 hours per night, I now have a more restful sleep of 7 to 8 hours. I find that I sleep better if taken in the evening.

The second and third week I was more rested, relaxed and my circulation was far better. If the first 3 weeks feel this good, I wonder what the future holds.

Move over world – let me get on with it!

Mary Graham
Age: 83

Feb 22nd to March 10th (Taking UMAC):

SKIN - Blemishes are going away
- Dryness going away (skin)
- Dryness behind ears almost gone
- Behind neck - healing

WEIGHT LOSS – slight reduction with several inches coming off waist

MENTAL – Very good energy

S. Hall

I retired because “I WAS TIRED!” I had accepted feeling fatigued as a way of life. After being introduced to UMAC-CORE, I noticed my energy increase almost immediately after being on the product for only a few days! Within 2 ½ weeks, my clothes started to fit looser, and curiosity got the better of me. I got on the dusty old scale and found I had lost 6 lbs. I had tried several weight loss programs in the last 10 years with NO SUCCESS, even when going to the gym on an almost regular basis. I realized that my carbohydrate cravings had disappeared.

I am now working full time again (by choice) and am an active Volunteer in several organizations. My family and friends have noticed huge differences in my overall well being and have begged me for information on where to purchase the product.

Elaine Winquist
Retired Bank Manager
Age: 57

Thank you so much for the samples that you dropped off on Friday. We just started and already are seeing some amazing things happening.

My son, who has all the food allergies, is for the first time having normal bowel movements. My daughter slept through the night for the first time since I can remember. And as for me well it seems as though my body has decided to get rid of a whole lot of waste and toxic build up because my body has gone into a cleanse mode and I feel wonderful. Have had the best sleep of my life and can’t say enough about UMAC already.

I have been on the phone non-stop to as many people as I know, and so far everyone I have talked to can’t wait to get on the product.

O. Aquino

About 5 years ago my eyesight had deteriorated to the point of requiring glasses. Suffering from astigmatism I worked for years on computers not noticing that I was squinting all the time trying desperately to focus on the screen. I am a graphic designer and my eyes are everything to me. I started taking Unique Sea Farms UMAC-CORE Phytoplankton less than a month ago and my eyesight has improved greatly. I still require glasses, but I can focus easier, my vision is much more focused with no squinting, and it gets better everyday. I have performed eye exercises daily and had noticed only a slight difference after a few months. But after a couple of weeks on this product, the exercises are giving me dramatic results. I can now read the directions on the back of the shampoo bottle, which is something I haven’t been able to do for years. Along with vision clarity is the brain clarity as well. I have taken greens for years and saw improvement in mind focus and energy. With the addition of Unique Sea Farms Marine Phytoplankton in my diet, I am seeing dramatic differences in my ability to focus on tasks and the amount of energy I have to take them on – plus I sleep better at night as well. I am looking forward to updating this testimonial with exciting and dramatic improvements in other areas of my wellbeing in the near future.

Chris Hart
Graphic Designer

Good morning. I am a resident of Vancouver Island also. I live in Comox.
I have been taking UMAC-CORE for about 2 months and I have noticed a change in my energy level and have lost about 2 inches off my waistline.

I have also been recommending your product to almost everyone I talk to.

Vancouver Island

Enjoying the product-unexpected benefit! Matter of fact my hubby went out today and bought a bottle for himself, since he has noticed how much improvement I have had. sleep is so much better.


Hi folks. What wonderful testimonials!

My energy levels have definitely changed- I went through a period of many years during which I felt exhausted at the end of each day. I did not feel rested after sleep. UMAC-CORE has changed this for me. I now feel healthy, mentally and physically, and have energy to spare at the end of the day. One very interesting side effect is that I am now dreaming.

Within days of starting to take the supplement, I felt as though a dam of dreams had burst. I went from no dreams to nights filled with dreams, to the point that I was waking frequently. This settled down after about 5 days, and now I have great sleeps along with dreaming. I have spoken with two others who have had the same effect.

I'm not sure what my body was missing before UMAC-CORE came along, but whatever it was, my body now has.

R. Walker

I haven't slept well in ten years. Now I sleep like a baby. And it has rebuilt my knee—I damaged knee in car accident, had two years of physiotherapy, and had to accept that I would always be lame and have to either strap my knee, or on really bad days, wear my knee brace. My knee cap would grind and try to jump out of place if I did not support it. Since I started the UMAC two months ago after seeing an article in the paper about it, I am now walking without a limp, or having to strap or brace my knee each day. My knee cap now stays in place. My doctor and physiotherapist are absolutely floored. I am back to being able to walk around things like the Home Show at the BC place stadium, and can once again walk up the hill near my home for exercise.

Clio Channel Vancouver BC


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